Tips for traveling Japan during winter

It is very hot in Bangkok! I’ve been learning from Thailand how to enjoy spending summer heat well.

Once my friend who were planning to travel Japan in February asked me how to get ready for cold weather, what should bring and how to stay. So this time, I will share tips for traveling Japan during cold season.


First of all, prepare long sleeves shirts and pants. If you are going outside sightseeing, better to wear warm clothes like sweater. However if you are going to shopping in the department or stores, I recommend you to put on something you can take off and on. The coat is the must item to keep you warm.

For kids, I recommend them to wear one cloth less than adult. They get sweat easily so need to put on something breathable. Accessory apparel such as neck warmer, globes, knitted beanie and socks are also helping you to stay warm when you will be outside.

Second of all, bring daily baby lotion or oil to prevent from dry skin because winter in Japan is extremely dry. It allows flu and influenza to spread around, so please be sure to wash your hands and gargle after you are back from outside.

Have you ever seen disposable heat pad? You will find them at convenience store of

drug store in Japan, it is very useful when you feel cold will last about 12~18 hours

depends on the product. I just put it in the pocket or I stick it to my cloths makes me

warm. When you use it and feel too hot, please replace it. Moreover please keep away from baby and small kids for safety.


Speaking of cold winter in Japan, I want to get into the hot spring or even bath

tub. It is so comfortable and can feel relaxed. Our kids were also excited about large

bath like pool but has hot water when we went back to Japan this February. They sometimes talk about hot spring and want to go again, so it might be memorable experience for kids as well. If you bring your kids and baby together, please watch your step the floor sometimes slippery.


I’m happy if this tips help you to travel Japan during cold season. Hope you enjoy visiting Japan!