Rainy season tips on how to keep your kids entertained and happy

The monsoon is coming soon. Japan as well the rainy season is around the corner.

“Look mom, sky is getting dark”.

“It will be raining”


In Thailand it’s very heavy rain with thundering but mostly last only short time, so I like it. On the other hand, drizzle rain and muggy all day in Japan is actually bothering us.

Thinking of how to spend the time on the rainy day is actually one tiny niggle, isn’t it?

So before the season come, these are tips how to entertain baby or kids, and keep them happy.


  1. Make Rainy Day Boxes, one is stocked with favorite things and another box with the toy hardly use in few months – this is the time to play with old toys again, and ask whether you still want to play or give them for charity เตรียมกล่องของเล่น Rainy Day Boxes
  2. Look back the memories with picture together – remind us many wonderful memories and share feelings to know more each other
  3. Reading books together – we have plenty time to read the book as kids keep saying “one more time”
  4. Play card game, board game together – be able to have fun together, winner will get small prize like sticker so kids try to do best as they can ชวนต่อจิ๊กซอว์ภาพง่ายๆ
  5. Prepare coloring or painting, puzzle for them – my kids like it so much since they are little
  6. Find some friends to play together in either house – this is the easy way for mom, while kids are playing we can sit and chat with a cup of tea
  7. Make DIY bath bomb together for bath ทำก้อนน้ำแข็งน่ารักๆ ไว้เล่นในอ่างอาบน้ำสนุกๆ
  8. Make colored ice cube or big ice cube for bath – This is also easy to make; put water into any container and add food color or figure kids like. They can’t wait to freeze it, and play at shower booth.
  9. Prepare rain coat and rain boot for playing outside – must item for my kids. They like to play in light rain, jump into puddle as well.
  10. Go to grocery shop together – there are so many things baby and kids can learn, erg. name of vegetable, fruits, fish and others, and numbers of price tag รีไซเคิลกระดาษเป็นของเล่น
  11. Stock newspaper, empty box, or cardboard tube to create art and give them to play – these are fantastic toys for baby and kids, we just think it recycle though. สอนลูกทำขนม
  12. Bake sweet together - I am not good at cooking but I try hard baking cookies together, and have a tea party with kids. พาลูกหลบฝนไปเที่ยวพิพิธภัณฑ์
  13. Take them to indoor play area or aquarium rarely
  14. Watch TV or Video for rest –Of course, I need to take a rest! I also have many house work to do! So this is the time to turn on the TV for about 30 min. to 1 hour.
  15. Walking around outside with baby and kid– When it’s babyhood, I was just taking a walk without any plans holding my baby with baby carrier to feel the rain and listen the sound of raining together. I believe only that thing makes mom and baby bounding. ต้องมีตุ๊กตาไล่ฝน
  16. Make “teru-teru bozu” and hang face to outside to pray for good weather – A Japanese traditional doll, we can make with tissue. This is a spell, “Hope tomorrow will be fine.”


We are the type of person who want to go out, so both of us will be bored and get cabin fever if we stay home all day. So that I like to prepare for rainy season and mostly play together to keep them happy. I believe that makes family bond and good relationship. However I don’t do everything, just pick 1 or 2 to add a little spicy to daily life.

Most important thing is I “ENJOY” as well.