How to look after when baby and kid catch a cold

“Poor baby…” thinking at the same time, “oh no, I have to cancel all my appointments and plans.” As I feel stress and upset about that, I have priority to look after them and hope “get well soon, honey”.

I understand that as kids get sick become stronger and stronger…

However, when my kids catch a cold, I’m worried about them. Always wondering to myself “should I take my kids to the doctor immediately?” Or “should I stay home for a while?”

When my kids are little I’d been taking them to the hospital more often than now, because they couldn’t express their feeling and I didn’t know how to look after a sick child. Whenever you feel worried, I think you better take baby and kids to doctor.

I’ve been parenting for only 6 years though, here is the way to look after my kids when they catch a common cold.

Basically I encourage my kids to sleep as often as they like or they need, because I am thinking that taking a rest is the most important to recover. So what do I need to do for that?

I try to make them comfortable with

  • Keeping room humidity 50-60{b7adb20982e5c95690336ee157ff64c859ce75b0a5d4f0089bdf2ac022e67226}, it helps to protect throat from drying and reduce coughing, congestion, and discomfort.
  • Caring about room temperature about 23℃ is important as well.
  • Sick child is feeling sad and upset, so I am going to give them extra attention as holding in my arms or laying down next to each other, and asking any pain or whether they feel unusual
  • Putting on the extra clothes or blanket when they feel cold, and take off when it’s too hot.
  • Using ice pack, apply it to back of neck and under arm for relief a fever. I never try to cover their head with one piece of cabbage, but my friends say it works to relief a fever, I must try then!

As for the meals, it’s the difficult problem because they can’t figure out what they want to eat, but I want them to eat something nutritious… so what I am doing is,

  • mostly prepare grated apple, banana, jelly, Japanese udon, and rice porridge etc.
  • If they are not hungry at all, I wait and see until they say “mom, I want to eat something”
  • Can’t forget to ask them to drink not cold water to protect and to stay hydrated, but if a cold with diarrhea and/or vomiting, no need to do so.
  • If baby or kid can’t accept anything, and looks worn out I take them to the hospital as soon as possible.

Some other special care when having a runny nose is,

  • Rinse nose with saline water 2 or 3 times a day. This way helps kids who can’t blow their nose well ( In Japan, I used to suck their runny nose by myself using tubular tool, so most of the time I got sick after that…www)

Finally I’m also wondering how everyone do about medicine, this is what I do.

  • I use a fever reducer only when a fever is over 39C°and my kids look worn out, can’t sleep well at night, or a fever hasn’t go down for 5 more days
  • I never use the medicine to stop runny nose because it might cause middle ear infection, that’s Japanese doctor had taught me before.
  • I use cough medicine and medicine for breathing easily, helps sleep well at night.

I always record their body temperature and symptom, so that you can explain to my doctor, and it is going to be a hint for figuring out what she need to do treatment.