How do we celebrate birthdays in Japan?

Happy 1st birthday to KiraKira.

Happy birthday to all of babies who turned 1 year old!!

Congratulations to moms and dads on your baby’s 1 year old birthday!!

1st birthday cake

When my kids turned 1 year old, I remember that I invited my family and cerebrate their birthday with all. Prepared handmade cake with using yogurt and special 1 year meal plate, so my daughter can eat. In Japan, there are several traditional events that baby will do on the first birthday and we will also enjoy it.


  • Erabitori(Fortunetelling)・・・put things on the floor, and baby will pick one. A thing that baby chose might tell what she/he is going to be when they grow up. Parents enjoy baby’s fortune in the future. The things of example are below.

・Abacus or calculator = becomes good at math, good at business

・Brush = study hard, becomes a scholar or writer

・Money or wallet = becomes a rich person

・Chopsticks or spoon = becomes a chef or a foodie

・Ball = becomes good at sports, sports player

・Ruler = becomes down to earth

Erabitori หรือ Fortune Telling ลูกโตขึ้นจะได้ทำงานอะไรนะ

You can put anything you want, smart phone, instruments, or mirror also makes us more fun.I remember my daughter picked up calculator, my son picked spoon, expect she might become good at math and he might become a chef in their future.


  • Issho Mochi・・・a Japanese traditional ceremony, is held in celebration of the first

Issho Mochi2

birthday. “Issho” means about 2kg(一升), and also whole life(一生). Parents make their 1-year-old baby to carry 2kg of rice cake on his or her back, we can tell it’s very heavy for them. As performing this ritual, wishing the baby a life without hunger and their health and happiness in whole life.

Issho Mochi

My son fell down and cry, but we praised her challenge and pray “May my baby grow with happiness forever!!!”